Hi I am Rebecca, my kennel club affix is Redhara and I own English Setter show dogs, so it’s not too hard to work out where the name Redhara Creative came from although, I think it would make a really good KC name for a dog. I’ve been a dog groomer for way too long, show dogs and working as groomer go together well it always has for many people, if you can present and handle a dog correctly and understand the construction of a dog you have the winning formula, for grooming, showing or other competitions.

I love Dog Photography, and photoshop, and have spent a long time perfecting this art. Websites and photography go together really well too, as a photographer you need a website, a dog breeder needed a website to promote the dogs, and a groomer needed a website to attract new clients. 
I am a creative person, not only do I create websites, I can also create a logo for your business, work on the branding with you, design your business cards and flyers the list is endless I can even take the website images for your pet business.

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