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How many pages does your dog breeder website need?

The breeder website can become a big website once you get going with all the news pages, all of your dogs pages if you are wanting a page per dog, then add the standard about us, puppies, contact and maybe a rainbow bridge page you can be looking at a 20 to 30 page website, with a crazy navigation menu of pages. There are the smaller websites out there too with just a few pages which have everything on one page for example, 10 years of news on one page which just goes on and on and is never ending, and you can’t find what your looking for. Then there are sites which are not mobile responsive, so as well as not being able to find what you looking for you can’t read it either. The SSL (secure site lock) is usually out of date too so the website has no padlock in the browser and will read not secure.

I had the same problem with my show dogs breeder website which is a 33 page dog breeder website now. 8 of the pages are for the dogs a page each dog because I don’t want to leave anyone out. Lets face it your older dogs or the dogs over the rainbow bridge can be some of your biggest winning or most important dogs to your kennel, so they need to feature on the site. 11 pages for the news, the news is what your dogs are about whether show dogs or working dogs you want every one of those big wins on the website. Potential puppy owners will probably never go past the latest news on your website but you want it there. Then add the standard about, history, puppies and anything else there is to go into the navigation menu, and you end up with 33 pages. I took some control over the website, split the site into sections, the website is 100% mobile responsive and I can update the website myself at any time. 


At siteground you can build a website without touching your existing domain or website by using a temporary domain, your old site can still be up and running. Then when the new website is ready you can transfer your domain. 
The website will be re-designed, mobile responsive, it will be a secure site with a free SSL, you will be able to up date the site yourself, add your show wins, photos and add new pages.      

website design for dog breeders show dogs

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Use Elementor Pro to create stunning photo galleries on your dog breeder website, if you have a facebook page for your dogs with Elementor you can add the like or share button, you can even add the whole facebook page to your website and so much more. 

If you are looking for someone to build you a new dog breeder website then get in touch to discuss your requirements I will be happy to help. Prices will vary depending on the design request, the amount of content needed to be added and the amount photo’s which will need resizing and optimising for the web. 

If you prefer to make your own website or are looking for tips and ideas, then take a look at the blog.
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