dog breeder website design

The dog breeder website, as with all websites they come in variety of shapes and sizes from the free DIY style, the ready made template, the professionally made, then there are ones which a friend has made but along the way your friend is not your friend anymore which has left your website hanging around in the internet years out of date with no access to it. Or maybe you have the domain name, (the name for your website) but then never got any further with the idea, does this sound familiar?

The breeder website can become a big website once you get going with all the news pages, all of your dogs pages if you are wanting a page per dog, then add the standard about us, puppies, contact and maybe a rainbow bridge page you can be looking at a 20 to 30 page website, with a crazy navigation menu of pages. There are the smaller websites too with just a few pages which have everything on one page example, 10 years of news on one page which just goes on and on and is never ending.

Take control of your website. 
Do you need a new breeder website which is in order?
Do you need a re-design of your old site?
 Do you want a modern stylish look to your breeder website with full screen images of your dogs? 
Do you want a website which will work on all devices mobile, tablet and desktop? 

If the answer is yes then get in touch with me to discuss your requirements I will be happy to help.

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