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Low cost dog breeder website design

There are lots of options for making a Dog Breeder or Kennel Websites out there at various prices. I have made my own breeder website for years from monthly plan sites to template designs.
I now use WordPress to make all my websites. WordPress websites really don’t cost a fortune to run, as long as you have web hosting and a domain name you are ready to start building a website. The great thing about having a WordPress website is that WordPress is a content management system (CMS) which means you don’t need codes to a make a website so it is easy to use. There are so many free themes for WordPress and free templates to choose from too or you can just design your own website either way you can use the Elementor front end drag and drop page builder and have a website made in no time.

dog breeder website templates

By making the website yourself you are in full control of the site, you can update the content at any time for example, if you have a litter of puppies you would like to advertise or dog show wins you need to add to the news pages you can just add the new content yourself. You also won’t have to pay any monthly maintenance fees for the website being updated by a web designer.

Free website templates

When using the Free Astra Theme for WordPress, there are 20 free Starter Sites which are complete website templates. These templates can work for dog breeders, show dogs, dog kennel websites or as a stud page. You just have to use your imagination and get creative. To add more features you can upgrade to Astra Pro.

An example of a website created using the Astra Starter Site – Mountain

To be able to use the Astra Theme and Starter sites, you need website hosting and a domain name to get started. 
More details below 

dog kennel free website template design

Website Hosting & Domain Name

Website hosting is the service that allows you to display your breeder website on the internet, kind of like your little space on the internet. You need to rent this space from the web hosting company in order to display website. 

A domain name is the address of your website, it is the name that you type into the URL bar of your browser to find your website. You can purchase your domain name from the hosting company. 

Free WordPress Template Dog Breeders

There are lots of different hosting companies out there but I use siteground hosting for my websites and domain names they are a brilliant option. The dashboard in the client area is clean, simple and straight forward to use, the 24/7 help centre online is fantastic and with so many 5 star reviews it’s a great web hosting choice for a dog breeder website.
To get hosting to start building a website visit siteground and choose a plan. 


Domain Name

If you don’t already have a domain the next step at siteground is to register a domain name, this costs about £15.
The domain name you choose ideally is your kennel name or Kennel Club Affix if it has not already been taken. If you already have a domain name you can transfer it to Siteground. 


If you already have a domain name and an existing breeder website, with web hosting at Siteground you can build a new website without touching your domain or website by using a temporary domain so your old site can still be up and running. Then when the new website is ready you can transfer your domain name to Siteground and use the migrate website tool to transfer the new website to your domain name. 


WordPress is a content management system CMS, which basically means software which is easy to use, you don’t need codes to make a website. WordPress is free, however you need hosting to be able to use it on the internet.

At Siteground it is just a click of a button and Wordpress is installed, that easy! Then you are ready to start building your breeder website.

The steps below show how easy it is to install WordPress at Siteground, including how to install the free SSL (secure site lock) to keep your Dog Breeder website secure.

Once you have your hosting and domain you will have the following options, choose WordPress. Then choose a user name and password, keep it safe this is your log in details for the wordpress website.

Next find go to my account, click > websites > click > site tools. You need to install the SSL ITS FREE the SSL is the site security lock which gives the padlock on your website in the web browser.
Click > SSL manager

On the drop down tab find lets encrypt then GET

Under actions click the 3 dots, then click Enforce HTTPS

You will be taken to another screen click the HTTPS Enforce ON, that is the SSL done. Your website will have the padlock in the browser now and is a secure site, google likes a secure site.

Back to the site tools, scroll down the page, click the small arrow that will take you to the WordPress dashboard. 

The WordPress Dashboard

This is the WordPress dashboard, there are a few settings to change once you arrive. 
Find and click on SETTINGS down in the left hand side panel.
In the settings check the site title this is the title of the website usually your kennel name, or Affix, the language, the time and date etc, can be all be checked and changed here.
Save the settings.
Next under settings find the > permalinks down the column, check the post name is the one selected then save

websites made with wordpress for dog kennels

A Theme For WordPress

A theme in WordPress is the look and style of the website. There are lots of themes available for WordPress websites free and paid versions, you only have 1 theme on the website. 
ASTRA Theme is free you can upgrade to a paid version Astra Pro to unlock more features so you have more control over the colours on a template design, a huge range of fonts plus more for your website. The Astra theme is a light, fast easily customisable theme and mobile responsive. I have the Astra Pro Theme on my online shop I highly recommend it. 

If you wanted to use the Astra Theme for your kennel website then at the dashboard on the left hand side find

> Themes 
> add new 
Type in Astra 
 > Install

Then click > plugins at the side of the page 
At the top the page > ADD NEW
Type in Astra Starter Sites

websites made with wordpress for dog kennels

There are 20 free STARTER SITES to choose from with Astra, these are complete website template designs which are free and are mobile responsive websites to use with the Astra Theme. They work well as a template for dog breeders to start creating a website. Once you have chosen a website style you like then     

> Import complete site
> view site 

Click > install now, then activate
choose Elementor page builder it is a brilliant drag and drop page builder which is easy to use and it’s free. You can upgrade to the pro account  which will unlock more features so you can build a better website, add your facebook page to the website and more. 

dog breeder website template

Managed WordPress hosting. Powerful, yet simple to use.
Ideal for dog breeders and pet businesses looking for web hosting which is easy to use.

With the awesome Ocean WP theme for WordPress there are free demo sites available which make a great template design for dog breeders, kennels, show dogs and pet business websites.

With the Astra theme for WordPress there are 20 free starter sites available which make a great template design for dog breeders, kennels and show dog websites.

Use the worlds leading WordPress page builder and take your website design to the next level. With a front end drag and drop page builder the design possibilities are endless.