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Showing dogs

For most people showing dogs is a hobby, which can turn out to be an expensive hobby. Your dogs are still your family pets but also they get shown at dog shows all over the country most weekends in the hope for that special piece of green card, and a rosette too if your lucky.
Once you get your big win at a show you want to tell the world all about it and the first place you do this is through social media, which is a great instant free platform for advertising your dog and kennel worldwide. But believe it or not, not everyone is on facebook. 


Why have a website for your show dogs?

 A website is going to get your show dogs and kennel found worldwide on the internet, you will get enquiries from all over. People who are interested in your breed will hopefully find your website full of useful breed information, and will be able to see how dedicated you are to your breed through the pages on the website. If you do have puppies or someone wants to use your dog at stud you can direct them straight to the website for the information and photo’s which looks professional, it also saves all that emailing backwards and forwards of the information and photos too.   

What information do you need on the website?

   The website is about your dogs which is obvious, but you do need up to date information about your dogs including health tests and show wins. If you don’t want to put the full pedigree of the dog on the website then just give the Sire and Dam’s information. 
About the kennel itself, and your history within the breed is an important part of the website, which will include your foundation stock. 
If you include news pages on the website this doesn’t have to be just about show wins and puppies, you can make it more interesting to viewers by including other information. 
 You really need good quality photo’s of the dog’s to use on the website, it is up to you how many photo’s of each dog you feel necessary. A nice stood out and head shot image will probably be enough to give an idea of what a dog looks like.
High quality images are better to work with if you are wanting the wide full screen headers pictures. You will find that most people will be viewing your website on a mobile or tablet and the images will look fine. But for those people viewing on a 27 inch desktop, a photo downloaded from facebook won’t look great at all as a header image, but the social media images will work fine in photo galleries. You also don’t want to be loading up 10mb images in size to the website either as this will slow down the speed time of the page when it loads. 
Breed information is always useful to have on the website, links to the breed clubs, basic grooming information especially if the breed of dog you own are coated breeds, it is all relevant to your breed and adds extra content to the website.

There is no set rule of what you should or shouldn’t have on your show dogs or breeder website, or how the layout of the site should be. The dogs and dog showing are probably your hobby, so the website is no doubt not a business website it is more of a ‘website for the dogs’, or ‘the dogs website’ as I like to call mine. But it’s still nice to have a good website for the dogs, one which works well on all devices, a website which shows off the photo’s of the dogs and has the information people maybe searching for online. 

WordPress websites for show dogs

By using WordPress to design a website for your show dogs the design possibilities are endless, codes are not required to make the website so it is easy to use and easy to be able to update yourself regularly with all those show wins. You can add all kinds of extra free or paid plugins to the site at any time. Plugins are the building blocks of the website which work important features like the contact form and SEO. There are hundred’s of plugins can which make the design of your site unique and different from the standard websites you will find. You will soon realise that any design is possible, including the layout of the pages the style of text and so much more. In order to use WordPress which is a free platform to build a website on for your dogs, you need Web Hosting and a domain name. 

The World's Leading WordPress Page Builder

Add the page builder plugin  Elementor Pro to your dogs WordPress website and you can easily use the pro gallery to showcase any of the photos of your dogs. With three different responsive layout options it is an easy way to make photos look impressive on your breeder website.

If you are looking for someone to build you a new website for your show dogs then get in touch to discuss your requirements I will be happy to help. Prices will vary depending on the design request, the amount of content needed to be added and the amount photo’s which will need resizing and optimising for the web. 

If you prefer to make your own website or are looking for tips and ideas, then take a look at the blog.
There is more information below about the tools which I recommend for building a stunning breeder or show dogs website from 
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With the awesome Ocean WP theme for WordPress there are free demo sites available which make a great template design for dog breeders, kennels, show dogs and pet business websites.

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Use the worlds leading WordPress page builder and take your website design to the next level. With a front end drag and drop page builder the design possibilities are endless.


What pages are needed on the breeder website

Free website template design, free page builder for dog breeders.

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